In case you missed it, and it was ALL OVER TV yesterday, Felix Baumgartner successfully broke the world record for highest sky dive. Oh and he broke the sound barrier at the same time!

Sponsored by Red Bull Stratos, I'm assuming those are their energy drinks that will "launch you into space" or something, Felix went up really high and came down really fast. The entire fall took over 10 minutes including four minutes and 20 seconds of free-fall and over five minutes after he pulled his parachute. And he landed safely on two feet.

Plus he became the first person to ever break the sound barrier without an airplane, or space ship of some sort. He maxed out at 833.9 miles-per-hour which was plenty fast to break the sound barrier. The speed of sound is 761.207 miles-per-hour.

Watch this video of the whole jump, its insane!