2012 has been a great year for story lines and an even better year for ideas for Halloween costumes. Anyone can be a witch, doctor or ghost, but the topical costumes are so much better. Being timely makes for the perfect costumes. Even if it means stepping over the line every once in a while. Check out these five costumes that we think will be perfect for 2012 here in the city of Lubbock.

  • Bane

    Everyone we know has seen the Dark Knight Rises and everyone fell in love with the bad guy, Bane. That's why you'll see your fair share of Banes this year when it comes to either buying or making your own costumes. Bane would be good, but only if you have the voice and attitude to do along with it.

    Warner Bros.
  • Michelle Jenneke

    People have gone crazy with Olympic fever and it seems every guy has been watching for the bubbly and super hot Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke. Just make sure you aren't holding a drink if you do her pre-race warm up. Great thing about this one is it's a cheap costume!

  • Ted

    Ted is the perfect blend of raunchy and adorable. You can be the jerk/perv you've always wanted to be and everyone will think it's fantastic. You might even get lucky and watch Jack & Jill with some prostitutes.

    Universal Pictures
  • Zombies

    It's easily going to be the most popular costume nationwide this year. Don't do a regular zombie, be creative and put your own spin on it. There's easy ways to make a zombie costume and be cheap about it. Let's start the zombie apocalypse in Lubbock!

    Brendon Thorne, Getty Images
  • Kate Upton Doing Cat Daddy Dance

    All you need is a red bikini and to learn the Cat Daddy dance and you'll have the most popular costume this Halloween in Lubbock. We'll even let you up to the FMX studios to do it for the website. We love that kind of stuff. Sorry, no dudes.