Have you heard the word?  FMX is the premiere radio station amongst zombies who eat tofu (as opposed to brains).  It's true, more zombies that like tofu rock with FMX than any other station.  We're also number one in the big "winged pig" demographic.  More after the jump.


It's funny, we've beat the other stations down so bad that they love to make little ludicrous claims.  It's like me saying, "I am number one amongst people who are me".  It's just media hype and crap that we try not to subscribe to; we just found this one instance so funny that we thought we'd have a laugh with it.

Our record as a rock station in unblemished.  We are 60-0.  Never beaten, Never challenged.  We are also LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of anyone on the web and as we head into our 31st year, we promise even bigger and better things for ya!  Keep rockin'!