FMX had a surprise 'hit' a while back.  We took the recommendation of The Painman and started spinning a tune called "Sail" by AWOLNATION.  It may not seem like much to you, but ROCK stations are always a little shy when it comes to "Alternative" tunes.  We tend to stick with the straight up hard rock from today and yesterday, but this song paid off.  More after the jump.


Instead of FMX listeners rejecting this very different song, they embraced it. Anywhere there was a radio blaring the song, you could hear people yelling "SAIL".  Yeah, it really was that catchy.  We're now playing another song from the band called Kill Your Heroes.  It's also a really different song for FMX, but we think this band is worth taking a chance on.

AWONATION will be returning the favor with a Lubbock appearance March 8th. The band will kick off it's 2013 tour right here in the Hub City.  More details are forthcoming.  Here's some videos to hold you over.