This has been an awesome week, it started out with football, we got a few days of cool fall weather and a little rain, and we end the week with football. Granted, last weekend was a rough one around our house, the Titans lost their season opener which put me in a mood, then the Steeler's blew it putting Woody in a bad mood. Needless to say communication around the house was limited to little more than clicks and grunts for days.

Finally, after several days the pain of the losses wore off and everyone was looking forward to this weeks games.

After a disappointing Washington State loss last week, I was very happy to see Mike Leach hit UNLV with an air raid for a win!

Up next was another win for the Red Raider's here at home... Life is good

Up next were my Titans... Go Steelers!!!

The Steelers made life bearable for Woody, the Titans...were horrible!