This Sunday night the Steeler's will once again take on the Bronco's in Denver, in what is sure to be a major grudge match. For those of you that may have forgotten, Denver beat the Steeler's last year in overtime to win the AFC championship title.

Around our house the mood that night was less than pleasant, as the Steeler's got the shaft due to what some might say is a bit of bad officiating.

I have to say, I do understand and even agree, and here's why...

As the Bronco's lined up for what would be the final play of the game, they were technically lined up illegally.

NFL eligibility rules say " that the offense is required to line up at least seven of their eleven players on the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. The five players on the interior of the offensive line (the center, the two guards and the two tackles) are ineligible to catch a forward pass. Only the two players on the end of the offensive line and the four players who are lined up at least one yard back of the line of scrimmage can be eligible receivers. In the case of the quarterback, he is only eligible if he receives the ball in shotgun formation and not while under center."

If you watch the video of the play you can clearly tell that the Bronco's were not lined up according to this rule.

I do have to hand it to Mike Tomlinson though, he handled the situation with dignity, he did not whine and cry, he didn't throw a fit, or make excuses, he and the entire Steeler organization took the loss and started looking to the 2013 season.

To keep from getting the shaft again tonight let me say... Go steeler's!!