Whew!  How 'bout them sparkly read pontoons! Whose honkers are we honoring today? Well that's for us to know and for you to guess. Here you go-study those luscious double d's, take a guess as to what person serves as a life support system for them, then click through to see if you are correct.

So do you have a guess at who is harnessing these power pointers in the Jessica Rabbit inspired dress?  Scroll down for the answer.






Yes it's Katy Perry. I find her "talent" to be created by a marketing group, but hey, at least they chose a lady with double Mc Guffin's to sing the latest pop crap. Yippee! Here's hoping she gets unpopular real quick and makes that last desperate attempt at fame by whippin' 'em out in Playboy or some movie!