Here's the scoop.  Have you every heard about a show called Glee?  I don't watch it, but that doesn't mean that I don't know that it's one of the biggest things in the world right now.  On that show is the actress Lea Michele who is the big breakout star.  Now, here's the scoop, during the winter finale of that show, Lea will be singing a Halestorm song you probably haven't even heard yet.  More after the jump.

Can you even imagine what  it's going to be like for Lzzy Hale?  Here song is going to be the final song sung by the biggest character on the biggest t.v. show right now?  Even more impressive was the song was selected before it even was released to the mainstream.  This is huge and we're so happy for our girl.

The song features some dirty words that will obviously be cleaned up a bit for Glee.  The song, will being just a big pop will no doubt be a HUGE SHOWSTOPPER in concert.  I said it before, we are unbelievably lucky to have had this band and to have this band at this stage in their careers.  This band is going sky high.

Here's an acoustic version of the song "Here's To Us" recorded at a Gibson guitar clinic.

And here's the studio version