I know myself and my friends have been waiting for last night ever since the announcement was made that Hank 3 would be returning to Lubbock and when Hank 3 took the stage he didn't disappoint!

Every Friday The Wrecking Yard throws down at Jake's Sports Cafe located at 50th and Slide and last night we got to see Hank 3 do what he does best and that's play live music and he played for 3 hours straight.

It was insane to watch Hank 3 play straight for 3 hours starting off with his country roots set and then taking it  into his metal and finishing up with his punk set. Now after 3 hours of continuous play you figured that Hank 3 would go on his bus and call it a night. That was not the case as he stood outside Jake's for at least another hour taking photos and talking with his fans.

I know we all had a blast to see Hank 3 and I know we can't wait to see him again!