Heathen and I had a discussion about Christian Rock this morning. The problem is, sometimes when you see a band that takes the title literally you end up with more a sermon than a concert. More after the break.

Two great things don't always go together.  I love little kittens.  I also love swimming. Should I take a kitten swimming?  I don't think so.  Such is with some "Christian Rock".  First off, I'm not talking about "Christians WHO rock", but those who sing praise songs to rock music.  Even then, those who sing praise songs aren't even so bad if they'll keep it in the song.  Every once in a while though, or with certain bands, you'll get some music and a bunch of testimony.  Now, you are sorely mistaken if you think this is an attack on faith. I've been to regular rock shows when the singer starts talking about some crap and the whole audience starts nervously shuffling from foot to foot, then the boos start, and people start yelling "play some music".

The point is simple, if you're a preacher, PREACH,  if you're in a band PLAY MUSIC.  With that in mind, here's one of my favorite scenes EVER from "King Of The Hill"