A few nights ago myself and some of my bro's were at Jake's to take on some Silver Strike Bowling when we discovered that our bro Blake can impersonate Bane from the movie The Dark Knight Rises to a T.

If you haven't seen the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" then you are probably reading this scratching  your head. But here is the deal, there isn't anything more funny than dropping the Bane voice on someone when they aren't expecting it.


I wish we had a camera filming all the non sense from the other night when we all started talking like Bane. Blake was by far the best at it but it seemed like the more we drank the more he started to sound like Christopher Walken.

Check these video's of Comedian Sam Beman showing us how to do the impersonation and the video of him rolling through the driveway ordering in his Bane voice.