I really hate to see people taken advantage of. The business "Christian Mingle" really drives me crazy. I UNDERSTAND that if you're a Christian you'd most likely want to meet another Christian. It's really not harder to understand that someone who likes riding bicycles might want to find a partner that like to ride so that they can ride together.  More after the jump.

So what's my problem with "Christian Mingle".  Well it's their tag line of "Find God's Match For You".  This INFERS that God, an omniscient being, has to use a paid dating service in order for you to meet your soul mate.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, you have to believe that the idea is patently ridiculous.  God, as the story goes, put Adam and Eve together (although with admittedly mixed results).  I guess now there's just too many people and God needs an internet friend to help him out?  Then again, maybe God is getting a slice of the action? Even in the commercial below, one of the couples claim that "God used this vehicle" to put them together. The slogan "Find God's Match For You" is just a ridiculous statement this company makes in order to emotionally blackmail people who are looking for love.

It would seem to me that if a God wanted you to meet a specific someone, he'd make it happen.  I don't think he'd need to charge you a monthly fee.

Tell me if you think I'm off base here.  Here's their real commercial: