As I was walking through a local music store I have been noticing their largely growing Vinyl collection. As I took the time to take a look at what they had I came across one of my favorite bands and I couldn't help myself.

Carnifex's "Hell Choose Me" caught my eye not only are they one of my favorite bands but this is one of my all time favorite albums and now I have it on vinyl.


Now as I kept looking I noticed that some of the vinyl was pretty expensive ranging from $15 to $50. Now I'm sure that Carnifex on Vinyl will sound pretty amazing but bands like Tool, City And Colour and so forth will raise the level of how you listen to music.

There is something really cool about taken the album out of the sleeve dusting it off and placing the needle on the album and kicking back and enjoying music in its best form.

But still I got Carnifex on vinyl and that's pretty cool!