Sons Of Anarchy and Breaking Bad owe a lot to Netflix.  It was people going back and watching the initial seasons that led to their current popularity.  I think the same thing will eventually happen with "Hell On Wheels".  More after the jump.


"Hell On Wheels" hasn't reached the level of office talk.  People don't necessarily ask each other if they saw last nights show. That much is a shame, and I'll bet it will change.  The show is beyond excellent.  After two seasons, I thought the show was done.  I'm not going to give away anything here, but there is very little left after season two.  In other words, pretty much everything on Hell On Wheels went to hell, all questions were answered and pretty much all story lines were wrapped up (except for one).

I'm not sure if the adventures of Cullen Bohanon are available on Netflix yet, but I'm betting you could pick up a download or d.v.d. somewhere.  There has not been one slow episode in two years.  I seriously recommend this show!