I'll be the first to admit that my tastes have changed since I've gotten older. The following tale is but one example.

I sat at my table at Whataburger with my friends enjoying my chicken strips when two beautiful women walked in.  These were not normal beautiful women, but women who also enjoyed the pierced and tattooed lifestyle. When the tattoos are done well, then there is nothing more beautiful. The blue eyed blonde was wearing a ripped up t-shirt tied in the back to (presumably) better show of her art. She was tall, and beautiful and had obviously given some thought to her ink. On her back was a tattoo very much inspired by the artist Banksy*. It featured the silhouette of man blowing his brains out, but the brain matter was musical notes (the Banksy original was butterflies).  She made her way to the table behind us and as she placed her soda on the table, her shirt fell forward and I was afforded a full view of her left breast. I thought to myself, "man, Whataburger makes some good gravy".

It's funny how your priorities change.


*I know the works of the street stencil artist "Banksy" from the excellent documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop" which basically tells the story of street artists and one guys (pretty successful) attempt to steal Banksy's style and bring it to the U.S. Here's a trailer for the film.