Concert security is there to keep you, the bands and the rest of the crowd safe. They are not mean or hateful. Most of the time, you will only see them at their most stressful times; getting people into the show, making sure no fights break out and getting people out of the show.  More after the jump.


The security people at concerts are just folks.  They have to deal with drunks, fights and more.  If you're a regular FMX concert goer you probably recognize some of the faces by now.  They just want to get you in so they can listen to the music too.  In fact, if you've ever left early, you know that they're usually up there telling people goodnight and to be safe.

Okay, so how do you deal with them?  I could start by saying "treat them like humans", but I'll go into some depth here.

*Listen.  The first experience you usually have with security is them trying to organize a very large enthusiastic crowd into two lines.  Of course, everybody is in their own little worlds, so they have to make the demand over and over.

*Follow the rules.  No weapons, no pro cameras, no wallet chains and no drugs or booze aren't suggestions.  It's on your tickets. You can't have those things and you're only going to get yourself in trouble if you try to sneak those things in. In addition to some of those things being dangerous to others, things like pro cameras can cause the entire show to be stopped and cancelled with no one getting their money back (it's a band thing).

Cooperate.  Guess what happens to most of the people who break the rules at concerts?  The answer is NOTHING.  If you stay calm and keep cool they'll work with you.  Also, they almost NEVER do anything beyond kicking you out for misbehavior.  You have to REALLY WANT to go to jail for the cops to be called.

Keep your snap.  If you're wasted you're a liability to everybody.  Suck it up and buy an overpriced beer at the show.  Getting wasted before seriously reduces your chances to get in or even be served at the concert.

Remember the NFL rule.  Have you ever noticed in the NFL, it's usually the guy that fights back that gets ejected?  Security is like referees, if you're the only one they see swinging, you're going home for the night and it doesn't matter who 'started it'.

Be calm.  If you feel you were mistreated, calmly take your complaint to the police or the box office.  I've seen many cases of people being allowed to work through their problems with security.  Also, if you accidentally try to bring in a weapon or chain, you can surrender it there or calmly tell them you're going to run it back to your car.  If you behave in a loud, angry manner, all you're going to do is prove they were right to kick you out in the first place.

Yes, this blog is a response to the tragedy at the last show.  Nearly every rule/suggestion here was broken with horrible, unforeseeable, consequences.

Lastly, would it hurt you to say 'thank you' to the security on the way out?  You may not believe it everything they did that night was to keep you and others safe!