For the last couple weeks I have this nasty cough that has just been hanging on. It hasn't effected my voice to much until last night, so I called up some of home remedy buddies to get some advice this of course after I went to the doctor.

Now don't get me wrong I am all about home remedy and all that but I still think that one needs to get to a doctor.

But I did talk to my my bros and they said a few things of course we know of drinking warm tea with honey and lemon. But the one that surprised me was yogurt mt bro said. He told me think of vocal cords as a axle on a car, they need to be lubricated, now you can insert lubrication joke here, but he was serious he said get some yogurt and that will lubricate your you vocal cords and ease some of the damage that the cough has done.

It has worked pretty well I must say and of course being a radio dj we depend on our voice and he got on to me about smoking and what not.

If you have any other home remedies for a cough be sure to let me know!