I don't know what it is, but I love my pint beer cans. I've always thought it might be that they stayed cooler, but I think I might have found another explanation. Can you guess what that explanation is? The answer after the jump.

So if you asked me I'd tell you that the aluminum pint cans cool faster and stay cool longer.  I'm also of the belief that the pints are little thicker than a regular can.  While I haven't been able to find any research on the thickness of the can, I can tell you that everything else I thought was wrong.

The simple fact of the matter is that aluminum cools quicker, but for the same reason heats up quicker.  Glass, does indeed keep your beer colder.  So, I finally figured out why the pints seem to stay cool longer.  Have you guessed it?  Yeah, I drink 'em faster.  It's now my theory that the extra wide mouth allows me to pour that frothy goodness into my face and down to my belly much quicker.  What about you, if all things like price and availability were the same, would you prefer cans, pint cans, glass bottles, drafts or what?