The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Governor Rick Perry has vetoed a texting while driving bill.  Finally, somebody "gets it".  Read more after the break.

Here's the latest from the paper:

Gov. Rick Perry vetoed legislation Friday that would have banned texting while driving in Texas, dismissing the bill as a misguided government effort to “micromanage” the behavior of adult drivers.
The Governor went on to say the best way to handle the problem is through public service announcements and driver education.

I am 100% behind the Governor on this one. A law would not have changed a dang thing.  We can only hope to teach people the consequences of what they're doing.  If the threat of dying isn't enough to keep somebody off the phone, then a $200 fine is just more crap clogging up the courts.  Cell phones are just the latest target that keeps politicians from dealing with the real issues.  It's one of those "hero" issues that a congressman takes on, because "who could possibly be against a ban on such a dangerous thing"?  Well guess what?  The Governor saw through the crap and refused to put more nonsense on the books.

People get distracted while driving because they have screaming kids in the car?  Should we ban kids?  People do all kinds of stupid stuff in cars, and we can't ban every one of them; we have to just continue to teach people what happens when they don't concentrate on the road.  The police already have tools to deal with "reckless driving", they can give you a ticket for "reckless driving".  Duh.

I know the people behind the push lost someone due to texting and driving and I'm very sorry for their loss, but a new law isn't the answer.  It's easy to get whipped into a frenzy and say a law like this will save lives, but it won't.  The right thing to do is to continue to spread the word that this behavior AND other like it are dangerous.

Now to use the Governors words, we need to quit "micromanaging the behavior of adults" when it comes to other personal freedoms.

Your thoughts?