I think it’s probably time that we have a discussion about assault weapons in this country. Now before you get your panties in a wad, I said “assault weapons”. I didn’t say guns.  More after the jump.


There’s no good reason to have an assault weapon. Some crazies think they may need them if they U.S. ever goes to war against its own people. Guess what jackass?  The U.S. has tanks, jets, drones and really be bombs. Your argument is invalid. Then there are those that say it’s the first step towards taking all your guns.  Nope, that’s not a good argument either.  You can’t own a rocket launcher or a nuclear bomb. It’s just moving the line between what’s legal and what’s not a little further back. I’ve heard people say they use them for hunting. Well, if that’s the case, you’re a pretty crappy hunter.  I can fire a tight pattern of 13 with a nine at fifty feet.  If you can’t take out a deer with a good hunting rifle, you need more time at the range son.   Then there are those that use the “the criminals will still have guns” argument.  Yep, that’s true, but “the criminals” aren’t the ones conducting mass shootings, its deranged individuals.   Deranged individuals don’t hunt weapons down through some type of criminal underground, they use easy access weapons.  Then there’s the lamest of arguments that the “killers” will just find some other weapon.  Well yeah, that’s kind of the point. Most other “weapons” don’t kill as quickly and efficiently as a gun that can fire 100-200 rounds per minute.  Lastly there are those that insist they need them for ‘home protection’.  Well maybe if you’re name is John McClane and you’re in a Die Hard movie.  Outside of the movies, gangs of assassins aren’t going to invade your house and it would be HIGHLY unlikely you’d even have a tiny chance against them even with an assault weapon.

You have a right to bear arms. You have a right to protect yourself and your loved ones. No one is denying those facts.  Weapons technology has reached a point where a line has to be drawn somewhere.  Current assault weapon bills about to be routed through Congress don't even suggest 'taking away' your assault rifles, they would ban the production of new ones.  I really don’t care if you have gun for every single drawer in your house, but there is no good reason for anyone to have easy access to assault weapons.   And please don’t give me that crusty old ‘this is a knee jerk reaction’ line either. It would have been ‘knee jerk’ about 30 mass shootings ago.  It’s now just time.    I welcome your comments, but please keep them about  assault weapons. As I stated at the opening, all guns are not on the table here, just the ones with ridiculous amounts of firepower.