Holy cow, what is it that sends Lubbock people into a panic when the cold weather hits?  It really is just a few simple adjustments to the way you do things and it'll all be okay.  I was on the Loop last night around 6:30 and people were driving like maniacs trying to get whatever they needed done before the cold spell hit. We were cut off, passed on the right (on the shoulder!), saw people make rights across two lanes and more.

Cut to this morning between 4:30 a.m. and about 4:50 a.m.  Now, keep in mind that there are practically NO cars on the roads, meaning you pretty much have three lanes to drive in. Well, this didn't keep a dozen or more cars from spinning out, running into the bar ditch, or hitting the only other car within ten miles.  Cut to this morning and on The RockShow we got tons of calls about various weather related traffic problems, accidents and so on.

When I worked in Spokane Washington, it would snow two feet (no exaggeration) and nobody even blinked at the thought of going about their day.  You just makes some minor adjustments and rock on.   So what are these adjustments?  I could boil winter preparations down to three things.

*Slow down.  Driving, walking, whatever. Just slow down.

*Layer your clothes.  Layering works better than even the heaviest of jackets.

*Make sure your pets water isn't all frozen up.

There. Done. You don't need to "stock up on supplies" like it's the end of the world. You don't need to kill other people on the Loop to get home.  Just take it easy and use some common sense and everything will be okay!.