"Tarnished Gluttony" is the new video from Job for A Cowboy and this one is not for the weak stomach crowd. Just to know you have been warned.

According to BLABBERMOUTH.NET Jonny Davey commented on "Tarnished Gluttony."

"originally runs off the idea of blind faith into our government and monetary system. The director ran with the idea and spliced it with a H.P. Lovecraftian twist. The video streams the fascination of religion and the actions people justify in the name of religion, and this video is a spin on the old biblical tale of Abraham and Isaac, however, set in the world of Lovecraftian mythology. The point is, acting blindly in faith to a Christian deity is just as absurd as worshiping squid like monsters from space who live under the sea."

"Tarnished Gluttony" comes off Job For A Cowboy's latest album Demonocracy.Check out the video and pick up the latest from Job For A Cowboy entitled Demonocracy.