Kids, this is called "pandering" or 'sucking up to the home crowd'.   Instead of dealing with the real issues of the day, one of our councilmen is using the old political smoke and mirrors trick of putting an issue up front that nobody really can object to.

Photo: KLBK "This is what the Heatmiser looks like with gray hair".

Of course we're all against distracted driving. Of course we all want something done about it. Then again, you can't really do anything about it other than remind people it's bad. Guess what, the people who are doing it already know it's dangerous and they do it anyways.  All the bumper stickers and t.v. commercials in the world aren't going to change this behavior.  People will have to literally see a head rolling down the street to scare them into paying more attention while driving.

Lubbock has a ton of issues to be dealt with now. From L.P.& L. to trust and faith in the council itself, we've got to start tackling the big issues before they're out of control (and many would say that L.P.& L. already is).  The proposed distracted driving campaign is just more "feel good" legislation designed to get you to vote for a politician that can't claim any big picture victories.  Don't fall for this kind of political "brown-nosing" the public maneuver.

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