So last night I had one of those nights where I didn't expect to get as intoxicated as I really did, and what do you do when you are hammered in the wee hours of the morning well you stop at a local store where I know that they have the fried burritos AKA "gut grenades" and I just had to share the wrath of my bubble guts.

Wes was the first victim of of the awesomeness that is my bubble guts when he came into studio to give me the morning directions and he didn't make it 3 steps in before he smacked in the face with the foulness that is my bubble guts.

Then I got to thinking, I need to share this with at least one other person and Landon King from our sister station KOOL FM had to be my next target.

So I set up my camera and had Wes ask Landon to come to the control room because I had a question for him. I will let the video do the rest of the explaining as Landon King suffers the wrath of bubble guts.