Santa used to have a "partner in crime".  Somewhere along the line he got dumped, except in some Eastern European countries. His name is Krampus and he chains up bad kids and whips them.  If you add that to the "no presents" thing, you have a pretty good threat to keep goods through Christmas.  More after the jump.

My daughter turned me on to Krampus. He's a real bastard.  He carries a selection of switches with him to whip children with. He often also carries chains and has no real problem throwing them at kids either. Krampus is literally "the Christmas Devil".  Here's the "home site for Krampus".

Don't you think it's time for new threat to use at Christmastime?  The wildman anti-Claus man devil Krampus just may be the ticket.  Just look at him shredding hearts for grins, isn't he a muther? And look at those wiry arms, just perfect for swinging a whip and getting your kids back in line.  I'll be Krampus wouldn't have a problem taking a dump in their stockings either.   Here's wishing you a "Scary Krampus" and a "Wicked New Year".