Tool kicked off their West Coast tour yesterday in Spokane, WA and judging by the video this is yet another epic Tool show.

I have talked with and have several friends that have seen Tool live and they all say the same thing that seeing Tool is an experience. I would love to get to Austin on March 24th or Houston March 25th to see Tool live.

This video is pretty sick with all the lights and of course Tool doing their thing live.

Courtesy of we have a set list and what went down for the VIP soundcheck which you can see here.

Pushit” (without Maynard James Keenan)
“Schism” (jam intro)
“Hooker With A Penis” (without Maynard James Keenan)

Actual concert:

“Hooker With A Penis“


“Forty-Six & 2“

courtesy of

As you can see by the set list this is full of every every Tool song that one would want to hear live.

Checkout the live footage and lets hit the road to see Tool at the end of this month!