Not only does Lubbock routinely make the list as tops in s.t.d. contraction, we've got a new number one to worry about.  So what could be worse than a case of the polluted privates?  Imagine turning on your faucet and nothing coming out.


Yep.  While your city council was infighting and brutalizing you in the middle of summer with skyrocketing electrical rates, they were ignoring the "elephant in the room".  Well, you may not believe it, but OUTSIDE of Lubbock they have this thing called "science" and if you use it just write, it can tell you important facts.

The U.S. Drought Monitor lists Lubbock as number one in their article "Nine Cities Running Out Of Water".  The study was for cities of 75,000 people or more, so it covers A LOT of cities.  We are considered to be under "extreme drought" and that it's likely to get worse through Fall.

Now, it's unlikely anyone will do anything about it until it reaches emergency levels, but you might want to get in the habit of using less water. You may want to relook at your landscaping. We also may want to impress upon our city leaders that NOW is the time to prepare.

I do doubt that anyone will do anything but shrug their shoulders at this news.  Just remember that the warning bell has already sounded.