I'm not one of those anti-government people. I understand we have to pay for roads, parks, schools and things like mosquito control. I do think they we can ALL agree that sometimes money is wasted and/or spent on the wrong things.

A new report from "Tell The Truth Texas" show Lubbock at well over a billion dollars in debt.  My question is simple, 'where did it go?'  Well the short and easy answer is that our politicians are doing two things, #1. Spending too much and #2. Literally "passing the buck" onto the next administration so that they don't have to raise taxes on their watch and jeopardize their own political careers.

I don't have a solution. I'm not a politician and I'm far too politically incorrect to ever be one.  I'm just making you aware that someday these bills are going to come due.  The city is currently doing things like giving away valuable land for a performing arts center, when we could be selling it to take care of our debt.  This is just one example or a wasted opportunity and political favors coming ahead of taking care of our business and bills.

Now keep in mind we need our police, fireman, roads and first services.  We also need leaders willing to suck it up and cut the budget in the right places and increase the cities income in the least painful ways possible.  I personally think that more of the burden should somehow be shifted to our out of town visitors.  We have tons of people who visit Lubbock for shopping and sporting events on the weekends who don't support our infrastructure in any other way.  It's in no way a 'cure all' but it is one way to spread the burden out on everyone using the roads, lights and more.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Do we need better leaders? More sacrifice? Are you concerned about this at all?