Yes, many of you think you know how to cook a steak, but you could probably do a little bit better.  In just two minutes you could completely pimp your grilling.  Heck, the guy in this training video is from Morton's Steakhouse, so I think he might know a trick or two to help you.  More after the jump.


The first part of grilling a great steak is selecting the meat.  Marbling is the key word here.  Lots of folks have been trained to buy lean meat, but that makes for a tough steak when grilled.  I like to use just sea salt and coarse pepper on mine, this chef uses actual seasoning salt.   I also liked his tip about bringing the steak to room temperature, I never really thought of that. And one last note, the rules he sets up here pretty much apply to any type of steak.  Here's more: