Montel Williams was busted for drug paraphernalia at the Milwaukee airport.  Montel is an advocate for medical marijuna and says he smokes it to relieve the chronic pain of Multiple Sclerosis.  Thoughts and links coming up.

I can't even imagine the pain and/or horror of suffering from such a debilitating disease.  Here we have an incredibly well-respected member of society and decorated U.S. servicemen and we bust him not for weed, but for a smoking device?  Something is really wrong here.  I don't care or know if it actually relieves pain or not for an M.S. sufferer, but I believe someone in that position should be allowed to take any remedy they even think works.

Montel was released after paying a fine of a little under $500.

Here's the pro-pot lobby.

Here's the Montel Williams MS Foundation.