I was reading online that West Nile Virus has killed 47 people in Texas.  Truly a few is t0o much, but 47 is what I'd call a 'mini-plague'.  Think about about a full restaurant and everyone in it dying.  More after the jump.

What's sad about West Nile Virus is that it CAN be prevented.  You just have to take proper precautions and watch out for your brothers and sisters.  You need to be wearing bug spray with DEET. You need to burn citronella and keep your bug zappers going when you're outdoors.  More importantly, you can be a part of the solution and get rid of standing water around your house.  If you look around, you'll probably find an old dog bowl, bucket, or even depression in the ground that's holding a little water.  All of these things make for ideal breeding grounds/hot tub parties for mosquitoes.

So you're a big rough and tough guy and 'you're not going to let mosquitoes get you down".  I feel ya.  Just make sure you take care of your kids. Make sure the bugs ain't rockin' their worlds.  Even if you don't die from West Nile, it can make your life suck.

There's one other thing I want to bring up. The more the city has to spray for mosquitoes, the better the chance that beneficial insects can be lost.  So, in short, do what you can; it's not that far away from cold weather and soon your worries will be over.