I am a sucker when it comes to garage sales and yard sales. I really get into it when I am going out on a tour of some of the local garage sales.

I do the whole 9 yards, I map out where I am going so I don't have to double back and I have a game plan on what I am look for and I have a set budget. I can get a little crazy with all this.

I recently found a Facebook Page that is called Lubbock Online Garage Sale and it is pretty awesome. It basically breaks down to this, you take a picture of whatever you want to sale and you upload it to the page. Now you will have to join the group of 21,000 plus which isn't a big deal.

It's really simple and I have already scored some pretty cool stuff and it's all pretty cheap.

If you get some time to check it out do so because I have already gotten rid of some of my stuff that I no longer need!