Drowning Pool has teamed with something called "Noisecreep" to bring you the debut of their latest song.  This is the first track featuring new vocalist Jason Moreno (ex-Suicide Hook).  More after the jump.


So far Drowning Pool has gone through four singers.  Dave Williams got us started. The band then did one song with Rob Zombie for the Punisher soundtrack (he wasn't 'officially' the bands singer, but that's besides the point).  After that they picked up Jason "Gong" Jones and just recently jettisoned Ryan McCombs of Soil. The band is now fronted by Jason Moreno of "The Suicide Hook". The cool thing is, no matter who was singing you knew the band behind them was "Drowning Pool".  So, now the bad news.  While "Saturday Night" is a pretty good song, it doesn't sound like Drowning Pool. It doesn't feature any of the signature C.J. Pierce guitar sounds (or so very little you can't tell it's them).   You can listen to the song for yourself here. What's your thoughts on the track?