This is NOT an ad.  Nobody is "getting paid" to tell you this. This is a heads up to my fellow Whataburger fans (Spicy Ketchup in the house!).  I seriously eat at Whataburger about once a week.  I would rather eat there than most steakhouses, so when I saw this deal, I thought I'd pass it along.

Apparently it would have been the 100 birthday of the founder of Whataburger.  His name was Harmon Dodson, but I think I'll just call him an American Hero.  Anyways, you have to go to their Facebook page and click "Get Offer" to have a coupon emailed to you or something.  I can tell you that when I visited 15,000 people have already got the hookup so it can't be too painful.  Anyways, use the money you saved to get some fries. For my money, Whataburger has the best fries anywhere.  I have NEVER gotten bad fries there. It's just plain magical.  Anyways, see you at dinner.