To set up this story properly across from our FMX jock room is an open office where there is a mini fridge where Wes and I keep some sandwich stuff bread, chips, lunch meat stuff like that and as I sat down to eat I saw a phone on the desk and had to page Wes Nessman.

As I said before when it comes to these video's they are for one purpose and that's to be a thorn is Wes Nessman's side. But he is starting to wise up a little bit where he literally has a can of silly string on him at all times. Even if I have a serious question i may get popped with some silly string.

Yesterday as I made my sandwich I decided to page Wes from the other room for whatever reason just to be a bother and as I am patched through to his line in the FMX jock room he busts in the room and unleashes the silly string.

Checkout the video and for the record I will be paying him back for silly stringing my sammich.