This band has been around since 2007 & something about these guys just makes me love all 4 of them…A LOT!

Let’s see what you need to know about these guys…oh they're hot!

The band has 4 members:

Vic Fuentes: This handsome guy is lead vocal, rhythm guitar, & keyboard

Mike Fuentes: My favorite out of all of them.  He plays the drums & I must say he does a great job! I think I love him.

Tony Perry: He is pretty awesome on lead guitar.

Jaime Preciado- Vocals & bass. I really can’t decide who I love more…him or Mike?  Well either way they are both great!

Pierce the Veil has a concert coming up in Lubbock, on March 17th at the Cactus Courtyard. I’m pretty pumped about this concert. Just to be at their show is awesome but I just wish I could meet these guys.