If you are a football fan at any level, you have to be painfully aware of the high number of players who have suffered multiple concussions and other head injuries either from hitting or being hit in the head. James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers is known for  delivering some of the hardest hits on players in the entire NFL.

One thing we never think about is that not only do those hits have lasting affects on the guys he hits, but he also suffers from the effects of his style of hitting.

Now Harrison is speaking out and questioning why knee and thigh pads are becoming mandatory for players but why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, is not pushing for advanced helmet technology which is available and being used by many players.

Harrison, who has suffered what he estimates as double digit concussions, admits he uses the added padding (even though it adds considerable weight to the helmet and voids the warranty) which consists of Kevlar and adds another layer of protection not offered in regular helmets because he knows all too well how devastating head injuries can be.

When interviewed about the helmet verse the knee and thigh pads Harrison is quoted as saying ""The league is mandating next year that we wear thigh and knee pads," Harrison "I don't know how many people's career has been ended on a thigh or knee bruise. We have guys now that are 30, 31 years old that are having to quit the game because they have severe headaches ... I think you should be focusing more on [the helmet] than knee or thigh pads."