We all want our kids to think we are the coolest parents in the world, right?! I mean after all isn't that really why we always buy them the coolest shoes, and the name brand pants, so their friends will think we are awesome.

Grandparents on the other hand have to work a little harder to get that "cool status" from the grand kids. Grandparents telling their grandchildren to turn their music down, comb their hair, or pull their pants up would not be considered on the fast track on being able to relate to their grandchildren, or be considered cool by any stretch of the imagination.

Grandparents who are willing to dance and rap for a video to post to YouTube, those are COOL grandparents!

Check out this video of this adorable little old lady singing and dancing to "Rack City" with her grandson... what a good sport.

I wonder if she volunteered to do this before or after she found out she could make money for the more hits her video gets.

Either way hats off to this precious lady who gives it up to dance and sing with her grandson.