Trust me, this isn't a Republican thing, this isn't a Democratic thing, this is a whiny baby thing.  NBC & CNN have a biography on Hillary Clinton planned.  That's about it.  I don't think it's really gone any further than people at the channel saying "hey let's do this".  Republican party leaders said "if you go along with that plan, you can't host our debates".  NBC & CNN didn't back down to the threats.

These politicians think they are far more popular than they are.  Most people could care less and in this era of 100's of t.v. channels NOT being on a couple isn't a punishment, it's a benefit to viewers.  I'd like to go one further, I think the political parties should only be on ONE network channel. The networks could bid on on the debates like they do on other television productions, or they could just rotate years.

I'm not even going to get into the politics of the situation.  If ANY of these self-important political windbags want to play the "if you don't play what I want to play I'll take my toys and go home" card, then see ya later Jack!