Radio Legend Lew Dee has passed away. He will be greatly missed by Lubbock and by all that knew him..

We worked with Lew over the years and he was authentic.  He was a man's, man. A real high ball sippin' Rat-Pack loving old school DJ. Lew always had a joke or a  great story about the old days.

I guess everybody will have a story or two to tell you about Lew, so we'll let them spread his legend. I just know a couple of quirks about him that I'll share. First off, Lew didn't really care for the Beatles. It's not that he didn't care for them; he always just said they "weren't that big around here." I think it was mostly a situation like those 80's metal rockers not liking Nirvana because they replaced their heroes and made them irrelevant.

Next is, Lew thought the "Walk Of Fame" was a bunch of horsesh@t. Lew knew (and was) one of the musical "movers and shakers" around here and it tick him off every time another half-ass "celebrity" was inducted. I think it might have been a little jealousy that he wasn't inducted, but he steadfastly said he didn't want to be a part of it. I too personally think that since he wasn't a part of the year one or two inductees that it's a political piece of tourist sh@t that isn't good enough for a real man who deserves the honor like Lew Dee.

Lastly, I never saw Lew switch over to "grumpy old man" mode. Lew was always cool and was always more of an elder statesman than anything else. He enjoyed hanging out with us young(er) rockers as much as he enjoyed hanging out with his own crowd. He seemed to understand the natural progression of music and didn't really seem "stuck in a time machine." He somehow knew what he liked but was also cool with everything else going on.

I hope I can stay "cool" for half as long as Lew Dee did.

For a more "proper" look at Lew Dee's life and career, click this KFYO news link.