You can't possibly have the time or resources it takes to go through all the funny cat pictures on the web. There's other stuff that needs your attention too.  We plan on bringing you our favorite pic each and every day, but we wanted to give you a weeks worth to get you started.  So here's some of our favorite laughs of the week to get you started. Watch the front page of KFMX dot com for a new 'must see' picture each day!  Our thanks to and for getting us started!










I guess you don't have to be a fan of the "The Who" to get this, CSI fans may enjoy it as well.











I'm loving all of the 'go home, your drunk' pictures that are popping up.










Sorry, but there has to be some cute up in here.










George Carlin was a true genius and he is missed.
















Loved all the depressed cat stuff.