Are you ready for another edition of Rockshow Quickies?  We've got a lot of laughs and animals  for you.  Click through for the fun!

Yeah, I love a good pun.

This is just the perfect picture with the perfect caption.

This one is not big a laughs but big on heart.

I LOVE the "Anti-Joke Rooster".  He's not for everyone, but I love him.

This owl is ready to rave.

This is just excellent wordplay!

Have your heard that there are some funny cats on the internet? It's true!


Here's just a little reminder that days go by.


Here's another kitty that rocks.


This quickie made it's appearance on the RockShow page.  Check out the link below.


Here's a salute to the band "The Presidents Of The United States Of America"


Derp Shark.  That is all.


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