I've got a hot week of memes for you.  This week we searched hard for "Party Hard" memes and also bring you an assortment of cats, kids and fat Spiderman!  More after the jump.

I just stumbled across this first one, and I love it. There is a mixture of both joy and evil (and probably really just a sugar rush, in this baby's face)


I love the "quizzical kid" kind of memes. We've had one about turning a fork into an airplane, this one is about playing "got your nose".

I don't care if it's a trend.  If you let someone put their nuts on your neck, then that's on you.

Yeah, I usually feel this way about Thursday.

Just takin' the dogs out for a walk!

Cats get themselves into all kinds of awkward positions and that makes for great memes.

This one is just awesome.

Okay, so a 'big guy' is role playing Spiderman.  The real amazing thing is that the MAKE a suit this big (notice how it's even a little baggy in some places).

I pulled up all kinds of "Party" memes up to celebrate the Birthday Bash.  First up it's Nixon!

I forgot to put these two in last week.  I still love 'em.

Yeah, the party continues

And wrapping up the week, it's a case of "pelican hair"

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