So evidently one of the morons at Fox News made news herself by saying "Santa is White". This isn't much different than making the claim that "unicorns are made of chocolate".   Taking things even further she also claimed that Jesus was also white, something that would have been impossible for a person born in that time frame in the middle east.  I sincerely hope that everyone finds this crazy woman's claims as ridiculous as I do.

Lubbock Texas is the home of "Pancho Claus".  He is a Hispanic version of Santa Claus. I don't have a problem with him.  Why can't Hispanic kids have a Santa that has a little cultural flavor about him?  It hurts NO ONE that the Pancho Claus tradition is observed here (in fact I think we should be proud that it pretty much started here, if my information is correct).

You see, Santa Clause is a fictional character. He can be any color you like. He's invisible until your mind turns him into a color.  Now, if we were talking about the real-life person, St. Nicholas, that Santa was based on, well he was Greek bishop in the country that is now known as Turkey, but wait.....the picture of him on Wikipedia shows him as VERY dark skinned. Then again, we aren't talking about this person, we're talking about the fantasy of Santa Claus.

I understand that the people at Fox News are the main cheerleaders for you conservative folks, but I hope you recognize that this type of insensitive, crazy and completely ill informed nonsense does nothing to support your cause.

I hope Santa brings you everything you want this year. I hope he brings Megyn Kelly from Fox News a brain.