Anyone who knows me knows I am a hardcore football fan. But even I have limits on when a game must go on. Back when Hurricane Sand hit the New York area and the following week the NFL decided to go forward with the New york Giants game, I admit, I had no problem with the game being played. I just think maybe moving it to Pittsburgh, or a neutral location would maybe have been more appropriate.Yesterday though, after the news of the murder, and then suicide of Kansas City Chief's player, Jovan Belcher, in front of his coaches, I have to say the decision to play the game today hit me as more than a bit inappropriate.

The NFL is a billion dollar industry, I get that, but we are talking human decency here. The players, their families, the coaches, their families, and the victim, and her family deserve time to mourn.

These guys, in many cases, by a lot of people, are considered to be emotionless, super human machines, who are required to put physical and emotional pain out of their minds and play a game week in and week out. Many times, that is something I agree with, this time I don't.

Kansas City did win the game today with a 27-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers.