By now we are all pretty used to hearing about Lindsay Lohan's antics. Seems like this chick has been arrested or accused of pretty much everything but being a good actress. I know this may be hard to believe but Lohan has made the headlines again, and no surprise it's not for a remarkable career comeback.

This time Lohan has been accused of hitting a pedestrian with her car as she left a Slash concert for her hotel.

According to the "victim" when he was hit Lohan reeked of alcohol. Slash has since taken to Tweeter to defend Lindsay saying,"the situation w/Lindsay last night was a lame  paparazzi stunt. She didn't do anything wrong. It's being blown out blown out of proportion."

While it seems it is true Lohan did spend the evening at the show and that Slash would be know if the young actress reeked of alcohol while backstage, he was not there at the time of the accident. So, who knows what the real story is.

But, props to Slash for sticking up for her.