World War Z finally hits theaters this Friday. We got just a little more video for you. It's an extended version of the footage you've probably seen featuring Brad Pitt and family in their car with the zombies hit the fan. There's also a little clip of Brad getting ready on an airplane. In addition I've included the U.K. trailer so you can get seriously geeked up for the action.


I tend to not retain the fiction I've read.  Stories seem to be just that, a short entertainment break, then you move on with your life.  I don't remember ANY stories in the book "World War Z" that have anything to do with this movie.  In fact, what I liked about "World War Z" was that it set up a common zombie mythology then told a bunch of separate mini stories from the perspectives of the people who fought in different battles or situations.  Anyways, it still looks like an intense movie.  Here's some stuff for you to check out: