WEST TEXAS COULD GET UP TO TEN INCHES OF SNOW, FREEZING WEATHER, DOGS HUDDLED WITH CATS FOR SHELTER.  Sorry, the hype of another winter storm got to me for a minute. You see the news outlets like to scream out headlines like these to get you hot and bothered enough to tune in or buy their paper.  More after the jump.

So yes, a few areas of West Texas could get some heavy snow tonight, and those areas are mostly THE GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS.  I don't even know where those mountains are, but they are not here (I think they're near El Paso).  The truth of the matter is the Weather.com says we have a chance of a "few snow showers" here in the Hub.  Yeah, we could wake up buried in snow, but it's pretty unfair of the news outlets to try to lure you in with someone else worst case scenario instead of the logical scenario for us.

Now we both know that even if we get a little snow people will be driving like idiots and running into each other, so maybe it's best some get scared into not even going out.  As for the rest of us, set aside a few minutes to warm up your car in the morning and you should be alright.