This year the all the teams in the NFL are sporting new uniforms from Nike. The uniforms most teams are wearing this year are not all that different from the uniforms they wore last year, I think the biggest change was the addition of a lime green accent to the Seahawks uniforms.

As in years past all the teams will occasionally wear "throwback" uniforms. Most of the time they are pretty cool. Not the case with the uniforms the Pittsburgh Steelers were wearing in today's game against the Washington Redskins.

At one point they showed a black and white clip of a portion of the game that, aside from the helmets, could have been from a game in the 1900's.

Another reason these uniforms were probably a really bad choice for the Steelers is they looked more like prison uniforms than football uniforms.

A fitting choice though if you have ever noticed how many players they have, or have ever had, who have been arrested.