Meet Boom, a SuicideGirl who loves flaunting her gaming stats instead of her physical stats, got her first tattoo at 14 and is proud to be a bleeding heart Liberal.

Name: Boom

Age: 28

Location: Georgia

Occupation: Professional procrastinator.

Current crush: Wears a mau5 head.

Stats: This sums it up.

Body mods: A few piercings, dove tattoos, trigger finger and a lame tattoo on my ankle I gave myself when I was 14.

Fantasy: To be happy and stress free.

Sign: Leo

My politics: Bleeding-heart Liberal.

My status: Exclusive relationship.

My idea of a good time: Internet. All night. Again.

My pigeonholes: Arty, geek, gamer.

Into: Art, illustration, music, video games, road trips, being a homebody most of the time, Crossfit and nerds.

Not into: Cilantro and small talk.

Makes me happy: Making other people happy, my doggies, beach days, killing people on video games, breakfast in bed and BONNAROO!

Makes me sad: Cold weather and being taken advantage of (and yet I continue to let people do it, why?!?!?)

Hobbies: Playing video games and drawing.

5 things I can’t live without: Boyfriend, my doggies, music, video games and sunshine.

Vices: Too many.

I spend most of my free time: Daydreaming.

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